In early 20s, a group of friends who were passionate about the great outdoors started WaterproofPant.com in a garage. They channelled their passion for the outdoors into a company that would make international quality pants accessible to growing outdoor community. WaterproofPant.com has one mission – to engineer versatile, multi-functional, light-weight, weather-resilient pants for the savvy backpacker; that enables people’s exploration of the outdoors.


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Unisex Mountaineering Camping Pants

Our walking-enthusiast designers have developed these trousers for your lowland, forest or coastal walks: back-up protection for rainy weather and cold breeze.

Looking for back-up protection against rain, so nothing slows you down in the great outdoors? These lightweight over-trousers are compressible & will be suited to all trails over flatter terrain.

Great advice for getting out there

How to Choose Waterproof Pants For a Hike

Even the most courageous and experienced tourists (especially experienced ones) do not want to get wet during the trip. But when a tourist begins to think about it, he has only two ways: to use old-fashioned methods, that is, to put on two pants at the same time and one more to carry with you in

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The Possibilities are Endless with Our Waterproof Pant

We all love skiing and trekking on the mountains but would you like it the same if it rained heavily and we all get wet? Obviously, you don’t even need to answer this. Nobody wants to get this uncomfortable clammy moist feeling in their legs while they are trying to hike up on mountains. But

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Hike Over the Mountains With Our Waterproof Pants

Raincoats and umbrellas are already famous, but have you heard of waterproof pants? You might not know that these pants can do wonders for you when you are out on a trip. Whether you wish to go out for a walk on a damp rainy day, or hiking on mountains, waterproof pants are the best

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