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We all love skiing and trekking on the mountains but would you like it the same if it rained heavily and we all get wet? Obviously, you don’t even need to answer this. Nobody wants to get this uncomfortable clammy moist feeling in their legs while they are trying to hike up on mountains.

But you cannot do it while holding an umbrella or possibly wearing a raincoat. So what is it that you can do to improve the situation? Getting the right pair of waterproof pants.

You might have never realized this before, but a waterproof pant can save you from terrible conditions of heavy rain when you are out on a trip. Nobody wants to spoil their vacation and spoil their mood as well. That’s why we bring you the most affordable economical and premium waterproof pants in the budget that will work like a charm for you.

What makes them unique is there insulating properties which are very beneficial for you in any outing trip especially in cold weather. It will provide your protection from rain in the rainy season and will give you warmth in the cold season. It has a lot of benefits that you will know only when you experience it. Do not make a mistake of not putting waterproof pants in your backpack. Click on the links and get your kind of waterproof pants that suit you the best.

MountainSkin Unisex Waterproof Pants

waterproof pant

Purpose of Waterproof Pant

These rain trousers are water-resistant pants that serve the purpose of protecting the body from rain. You can get on a rain jacket to make it nice looking and more comfortable outfit. Commonly Rain pants are made of nylon or plastic. Recently many new materials like Gore-Tex and other waterproof breathable fabrics are used. These fabrics are beneficial in allowing the water vapor to pass out. This allows your garment to breathe properly so that your sweat can escape without getting all clammy on your legs. Though the amount of pouring rain pant can handle is measured in the millimeters, water gauge units.

Best Waterproof Fabric

Waterproof fabric is the one that is treated in a specific way to become water penetration resistant.

For the term waterproof to introduce itself in the market, it has to go through government specification and laboratory test methods to ensure its abilities. These are usually synthetic fabrics or natural fabrics. They are laminated or coated by waterproof material like polyvinyl chloride PVC, rubber, fluoropolymers, polyurethane, silicone elastomer, or wax. These treatments can be done on either of the two types of fabric.

The most commonly used waterproof treatment that was used in early 2000 was the use of C8 fluorocarbon basing textile finish during the production process.

However, as the population increased health and environmental concerns led it to change its pace. This starting using C60 carbon and developed more alternative chemical methods like chem stick technology which is a solvent process that involves surface hydrocarbon chain polymerization.

Specifications of a Waterproof Pant

The most apparent function of a breathable/waterproof fabric is to resist the passage of liquid through it. Interestingly, good quality waterproof pants that start the passage of fluid should be able to allow the passage of water vapor. It’s the ability to block snow or rain while allowing sweat vapor to evaporate quickly. That is the reason that rainwear waterproof clothes are now made in every niche starting from outdoor sports clothing, hiking, running, mountain skiing, tents, or any other application.

The protocols of standard laboratory testing determine this fabric’s performance and how good they really are. Many waterproof pant brands claim to give out an excellent result, but it can only be sure after the testing. Water-resistance is measured in mm amount of water. Water is suspended from above the fabric, and the action of water seepage is observed. The rate by which water passes through the fabric gives us the range of moisture vapor transmission rate or breathability.

For a few years, good sports manufacturers have started to include this information on the product labels. Average range fabrics have a value of 5000 mm resistant water and ability of 5,000 grams. While the best material pants that are our waterproof pants possess 2000 mm and 2000 grams. Another specific definition of breathable pants says that the fabric should be able to tolerate the pressure of over 2000 mm of water pressure without any leakage.

However, some tests also claim that the rain fabrics which prevent water less than a thousand mm can also turn out to be useful for practical purposes. The tests are done differently In the rain room. Such fabrics showed no signs of leakage even after 4 hours of continuous rain which was 5 times heavier than regular heavy rain.

Even though some garments which were made from the fabrics that had more than 20000 mm value turned out to be leaking from seams and zips. So coming to the point, we cannot really say if fabric head ratings can specify the amount of water it resists. Because the test does not give consideration to the zips and other imprinted material. In general, the breathability of a waterproof fabric depends upon mainly environment condition wind, and humidity.

Directional fabrics

The kind of fabric construction which can keep the wearer dry is the one which laminates or coats over the membrane. It indicates that the perspiration of moisture can happen away from the body effectively. Such fabrics are breathable in their conventional sense. Waterproof pants that stay windproof along with water resistance property are supreme kind of cloth.

Thermal Insulation Combination

These are the garments that include thermal insulation with waterproofing resists cold bridging. When cold bridging occurs, vapor on the dry side has the possibility of condensation on the cold surface, which makes it appear that the waterproof breathable fabric is leaking.

These kinds of pants are beneficial in the winter season as they are effectively wind resistant. Tight pants are a big no as it can constrict the circulation suppressing all the insulating air gaps. A degree of stretch can make you feel comfortable depending on your fabric’s material. In the winter season, your legs can quickly lose a lot of heat and feel cold in no time.

Our waterproof pants give a reasonable degree of waterproofing and weatherproofing against heavy rain. These are very good for sports or any other activity as they are very breathable. These designs are made for exceptionally moist and cold conditions with a new weatherproofing surface so they can be sufficient for prolonged rain or strong cold winds. You can wear this for extended periods comfortably.

Women Hiking Thermal Waterproof Pants

Waterproof pants

What’s New in Hiking insulated Waterproof Pants

Today a whole range of modern materials are available for making water-resistant cold-weather pants. Materials like nylon, polyester, and polyamide make great products for outdoor activities.

Hiking pants give a relaxing fit as compared to casual pants as it provides greater freedom of movement. Its exceptional ability is that it doesn’t affect the circulation and traps warm air within the pants. They come with additional insulation lined by a separate thermal layer and have more substantial insulating material beneath.

Unisex Mountaineering Camping Pants

Waterproof climbing pants

Our Waterproof Pants

We bring a great solution to all the controversies about which waterproof pant will be right to its claims. You don’t need to look more as you can find one of your types in our Store. Made from premium and high-quality material, we offer comfortable waterproof pants that provide both warmth, insulation, water resistance, and fashion as well.

You can quickly go wearing these pants in the unfavorable conditions where it can heavily rain. These high-quality pants with the soft nap on the outside surface stand up to the resistant to wind. They have no arrival in terms of practicality, support, and warmth. They are made from long term hardwearing synthetic materials that are worth their price. In terms of smartness, they come in between casual wear and formal wear as they go along in any outfit. These are little baggy around the knees and processes similar ways to denim in the sense of style.

Our waterproof mountain pants add extra insulation and will keep you functional and covered while bending, stretching or event squatting in the rain. Even when you think there is a chance of water to expose in the pants, don’t worry as you have got your protection. No other pant is more useful than this one.

Men Outdoor Waterproof Pants

Men's waterproof pants

Why does it work so well?

Other regular pants can be very insulating and give unnecessary exhaustion to your legs. These all can be avoided if you get good waterproof pants made from breathable materials like the ones mentioned above. Another benefit is waterproof pants are made from durable material that possesses high bond strength. As a result, they can’t be ripped easily from a branch of a tree. They possess high water-resistant finish superb breathability and durability. Waterproof pants of our brand can withstand any natural conditions and will stay with you for all of your upcoming trips. They can give you the required protection and won’t, wicking away any moisture. In the end, these waterproof pants are the safest option for you under any circumstances. These are worth your money and will prove out to be your best friend in all your outdoor trips.

  • Our breathable waterproof gives extra versatility
  • Gives year-round rain protection by an outer shell.
  • Wear soft trouser inside the waterproof pants in situations you would face cold climate
  • Wearing multiple layers of pants, possibly more than two, will make you feel congested. Just the waterproof pants and maybe one trouser inside in extreme cold conditions is enough to give you all the comfort you need.
  • These pants are coordinated and physically fit whatever garment you used inside.
  • It is made up of a sliding fabric so you can quickly put on and take it off whenever you need it

Breathable Material

The outer shell is very breathable, waterproof and also windproof. Though the difference in the comfort zones of various brands is significant; An excellent breathable fabric has a porous membrane that is susceptible to passage of tiny particles of water vapor but not to let a large amount of water in the form of rain droplets get inside. In other words, keep you from getting sweaty.

This breathable membrane is again bonded to another fabric to make it tougher on the outside and protect it. Another light and soft materials are used on the inside to make the wearer feel comfortable.

These fabrics are meant to last longer than regular pants, and they are strong enough to tolerate extreme weather conditions.

Some better known waterproof breathable membranes are Gore-Tex, dryvent, hyvent, and eVent. All these materials do a superb job of insulating and waterproofing the membrane. These are what we can say the classics. However, today many other materials similar to them are synthesized and used in many industries.

Soon in no time, these pants will be fashionable in a to outside all the raincoats hanging in the market. They are multipurpose benefits and excellent abilities to provide intensive waterproofing to make them superior to any other rainwear. Especially if you are going on a trip in the rainy season, or whether you go out for work every day, you will definitely want to wear these pants instead of the track pants.


Our premium waterproof pants can and give you comfort and will keep you away from the moisture under any circumstances. You will not feel a trace of humidity anytime you sweat. So why not get pants which are made explicitly for such unfortunate situations rather than wearing regular trousers? So without wasting a single minute, get your self your favorite waterproof pants from our store links mentioned above.


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