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Even the most courageous and experienced tourists (especially experienced ones) do not want to get wet during the trip. But when a tourist begins to think about it, he has only two ways: to use old-fashioned methods, that is, to put on two pants at the same time and one more to carry with you in reserve, or look at the online store in search of special clothes from rain and water.

A common mistake is that many people think that dense cotton clothing, such as camouflage, is the best choice. It is quite convenient, practical, reliable. However, if you plan to sweat in extreme conditions, then even dense cotton will quickly absorb sweat, become heavier and begin to constrain movements.

In this case, it will be more convenient to wear a tracksuit made of fabrics such as a mixture of lycra and polyester. Such fabrics will not absorb sweat, and all accumulated moisture will be removed to the outer layer, where it will quickly evaporate. Such clothes will follow your comfort.

New Generation Travel Pants

Waterproof pants

No, this does not mean that if you take these special pants with you and it won’t rain. It is just technology. The world has gone ahead and now they are also engaged in clothes in laboratories. It turns out now you can Get out of the water dry! Do not be surprised, there are even waterproof socks, but this is for another time to discuss.

Briefly about some Waterproof Technologies

Gore-Tex – Technology

Many manufacturers use this membrane technology for the manufacture of waterproof comfortable tourist clothing.

In general, Gore-Tex clothing has several varieties – and lightweight compact two-layer, and insulated three-layer, with an inner thin lining, and a substance impregnated with a water-repellent composition, with the presence of billions of pores per square centimeter.

What is characteristic, is that the pore size of this membrane tissue is adjusted so as not to let a drop of water pass from the outside, but to release steam and air.

waterproof pants

Each property is designed for different needs, season, weather and other climatic conditions. But in any case, it provides dryness and comfort. This is not to say that this comfort is maximum, let’s say so – it is optimally possible in difficult conditions.

Soft Shell – Technology

hiking waterproof pants

Men’s pants for this technology Soft Shell is most like for skiing. Because the snow is not a hindrance to them, they are only happy to protect a person from snow, frost, wind, and rain.

In these pants, you can forget that the street is winter because it will be warm and cozy. Soft Shell is not a membrane technology, the structure of this material is different – a multilayer fabric consisting of three layers, each of which performs its function.

Evapora – another membrane technology


It is a modern fabric with a membrane coating, waterproof and windproof. The fabric structure releases moisture and water vapor to the outside, slows down heat loss and serves as a barrier against cold air outside. Evapora fabric also protects outer clothing from rain and exhaust due to special DWR treatment. Moisture-proof pants that are created using this technology will protect you against rainfall of any intensity, a light breeze, and a steady monsoon will not scare these pants.

Membrane Trousers with Evapora technology

They have an important distinguishing feature: the fabric has the ability to maintain shape, stretch, it is very flexible and elastic, which allows you to move freely. In addition, it is very durable. These pants are mostly worn in spring, autumn, and even summer. The remarkable properties of the membrane provide an ideal microclimate and comfort in various weather conditions.

How Not to Get Lost in a Store

Know what you’re looking for

Firstly, before choosing and buying waterproof pants, you should know exactly what kind of difficulty you are going for: season, duration, weather forecast, route and the presence of water barriers, terrain and climatic conditions on the ground. Your choice will depend on these things.

Waterproof Pants with Ventilation

Most likely, universal pants for all occasions will be difficult to find. If you are going for a walk in warm weather, your plants should be equipped with ventilation on the outside of your hips. And vice versa, if you are going to go into frost and cold, it is better if the membrane tissue is three-layer. And you must first wear thermal underwear.

Read the label

It is difficult to check the waterproofness when trying on, as it is unlikely that sellers will be allowed to walk in them in the rain before buying. But you can read the labels and this article. Everything is very simple – waterproofness is measured in millimeters (from 5000 mm to 20,000 and higher). The higher the indicator, the better the protection against water from the outside.

Waterproof and Breathability of the fabric

Be sure to look at the main functional characteristics: waterproof and breathability of the fabric. The phrase waterproof pants speak for itself. Protecting from water is what these pants should do.

Many tourists complain that they are hot in membrane pants. All these are consequences of the wrong choice. Do not forget that they must breathe. The higher the air permeability and waterproof performance, the better. Of course, the price will be slightly higher, but the comfort is worth it.

See if waterproof pants have additional details and designs

Designed to increase the convenience and practicality of things. For example, so that the “knees” are not stretched, the trousers are equipped with additional seams. By the way, in membrane clothes, all seams are glued. Where trousers are most often wiped, there should be inserts of dense fabric. Velcro or rope is usually inserted at the bottom of the legs to tighten them in size. Of course, everyone loves pockets, so it’s better if they have a reliable zipper for keeping warm and your belongings.


And finally, measurement is necessary. Well, in any case, you should know your size exactly. Obviously tight-fitting or loose-fitting pants will only interfere. Squat while measuring. Feel if it tightens somewhere, does the lumbar open.


You will be ideally equipped if you buy another men’s waterproof jacket and waterproof trekking shoes. It is worth recalling that waterproof pants are not an expensive thing. They protect you, even sometimes to think about them in a campaign, so as not to rub against stones, not to burn near a fire, and not to hurt at all.


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