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Raincoats and umbrellas are already famous, but have you heard of waterproof pants? You might not know that these pants can do wonders for you when you are out on a trip. Whether you wish to go out for a walk on a damp rainy day, or hiking on mountains, waterproof pants are the best outerwear you can have.

Especially the areas where rainfall is regular and intense, people are more attracted to these pants. You can go on hiking through the rain in cold, moist weather with no tension at all.

What are Waterproof Pants?

You might wonder how these pants react in the summer season as they have a tendency to trap heat inside. The wettest area in the US is Hawai, where it rained 460 inches every year from 1931 to 1960. Other Hawai regions top 200 inches of rain per annum. Still, people might forget to pack their waterproof pants in the backpack while they go for trekking because it is so warm.

And also, they may think that it will keep their shorts and hiking pants wet if they wear waterproof pants above it. That they are totally wrong. That’s not how waterproof pants work. They restrain the inclusion of water to your body and don’t let you feel any dampness.

The insulating abilities of waterproof pants make them unique and beneficial for you in cold weather. For instance, in certain parts of southeast Alaska, an average of 235 cm of precipitation is generated per annum. And believe me, it is not as warm as Huawei. In such chilly weather, waterproof pants are super helpful. While keeping your legs dry, they also make you feel warm while you are on the move.

Why Purchase Waterproof Pants?

Our breathable waterproof pants are ideal for hiking trips in a moist environment. And people need to hear this that if it’s raining heavily, you should always have a pair of waterproof hiking pants in your backpack. Wind storms can also carry brutal wind gusts, which can throw the rain backward or sideways on in any direction you can imagine. If you supposedly are hiking in non-waterproof pants, then you will regret it immediately.

People tend to plan to stay above the treeline. It is the habitats’ upper edge where trees can grow. Meaning if you hike above the treeline, you will not have any extensive rubber tree protection to block you from other elements. This adds up to the detail that it can be windier and bring the flow of rain in circles. There won’t be any trees left to duck under. Considering this, it is highly recommended to carry waterproof hiking pants on such trips.

Similar to hiking, many nature trips do not guarantee weather protection. Therefore you should carry your own.

For instance, during Pack rafting, which includes both paddlings in boat and hiking, you are constantly switching in and out of the water and dry land. Also, your legs will be paddling in the raft. This means that under the situation of heavy rain, your legs can quickly get soaked up. Waterproof pants can be mercy in such cases.

You may be required to do bushwhacking while you are hiking on the trail. Imagine you are taking a long walk, and you found dense, thickly grown shrubs that require a lot of power to get through. In that situation, bushwalking can be really exhausting, and the scratchy branches will add some more challenges to your efforts. An additional element is a heavy rain, which will cause even more trouble.

Only if you have put on your waterproof Pants, the situation can get ten times more comfortable for you to bear. They will keep your legs dry and add an extra layer of protection from your skin getting scratched

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Should Waterproof Trousers be Worn Over Regular Trousers?

It is not very advisable as the point of waterproof pants is to give your protection from dampness both ways. No matter what you wear inside, you will obviously sweat while hiking. But if you have regular hiking pants before a waterproof pant, you are likely going to sweat a lot. So it is better to wear waterproof pants only as it will give you the needed protection. Hiking pants are specially made for such adventures; therefore, they should be preferred over regular trousers.

A regular waterproof pant is made up of polythene material. It is meant to provide warmth and heat to drive away any moisture. Its waterproof coating will make you feel comfortable every time you sweat.

Men Outdoor Waterproof Pants


Why are Hiking Waterproof Pants better than Track Pants?

Track pants are always an option for regular days or on your trip days. But just because you can do something doesn’t mean you really should do. If your track pants are made of polyester, then they can wick away the moisture off your legs while drying them quickly.

You can absolutely wear it on any occasion, but are they are ideal for serving the purpose? The place where you are going will identify what kind of outfit will be best for you. If the wind gets harsh and you start getting cold inside, you will find it hard to continue the rest of your trip. And if it starts raining then voila! You are done.

To conquer such situations, you must be prepared with perfect safety measures. Having a waterproof layer over your trousers is the best thing you can do. Our waterproof pants give protection from moistures as they are windproof.

Therefore it is essential to invest in good waterproof hiking pants before the situation gets terrible, and you don’t know what to do.

Check out the best waterproof pants trending in the market-

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Regular track pants can be the worse things to wear in cold weather. Snow can easily stick to them, and they can freeze to your skin. They will hold onto the seawater and remove any warmth and heat that you initially had.

Also, sometimes other track pants tend to act as an insulator, which can give you unnecessary exhaustion. Even if they are breathable, you would not like to hike with them wrapped around your legs in cold weather.

Another issue with the track pants is while you are hiking and you encounter moisture calamities like rain or snow, they can act as absorbent and suck up all the water. This will reduce insulation significantly.

Track pants are normal regular home pants; that is, they are not meant to be used roughly. You can’t be sure about them in tough situations. They can be easily snagged on a branch of a tree, and you can do nothing about it as it was your choice to wear them on a hiking trip. You need to get something that can withstand all the nature abuses. It will be a regrettable moment if you are hiking in cold weather, and your pants get ripped.

You want to look for a pant that is specifically built for such situations. For instance, our waterproof hiking pants possess water-resistant finish, being super breathable with the ability to wick away the moisture from your legs for as long as you walk. Besides that, the premium material of our pants can hold up even if you are sliding on the rocks or running through the branches. It will surely not get a nag or get a hole in pants.

Qualities of an Excellent Waterproof Pants

The first thing any outdoor enthusiast purchase is a good pair of pants that can keep him dry when the skies open. The primary reason for the waterproof layer is to keep the wearer dry for long hours and potentially even for days.

Our store offers lightweight, compact models made explicitly for long-distance backpacking, climbing, or trail running. Whatever adventure you are going into, we got something for everything.

How do waterproof pants work?

There has always been lots of debate when it comes to breathable/waterproof fabrics. It can be challenging to determine the type of construction method of pants that will suit you the best. This information is hence essential for you to make an educated purchase.

Waterproof Breathable Pants of 2, 2.5 and 3 Layered Fabric

If you have basic knowledge about breathable waterproof fabrics for raincoats in general, you might have heard that their construction is done by 2, 2.5, and 3 layer designs. Each of these offers their own subtle advantages.

Most of the waterproof hiking pants are made from a 3 layered, 2.5 layered designs. You cannot really determine which is which as they all look like one layer of fabric when you grab them at a store. You will definitely come across the thought that why it looks like a single fabric if it’s labeled as 3 or 2.5? The fact that you don’t know is these layers are tightly bonded together to each other and function as one. This fact stands true for both 3 and 2.5 layered designs while a 2 layer design features a hanging mesh on the interior side of pants.

Whether it is a 3.5 or two-layered material, all these designs are multilayered in such a way that they share the majority of their construction qualities. The primary difference exists in the inner areas of the garment. The similarities begin with the three design styles that feature outer shell fabrics, which are also called face fabric. This is coated with a durable chemical water repellent finish, which is known as DWR. It keeps the external layer from absorbing even less quantity of water.

The second/middle layer is the actual waterproof layer. It is a duly laminated membrane that knows how to do its job right. The waterproof layer in any design is always placed beneath the outermost layer. To be more precise, when you look at a pant or a jacket, you don’t ever see an actual waterproof coating on the outside, but the face fabric which makes the clothing look good.

The innermost layer, the third layer, is what makes the differences when we compare the layered fabrics.

3 layer fabrics

All the three-layered breathable waterproof fabric have the exterior face fabric treated by DWR. This is a kind of a breathable waterproof membrane stuffed in the middle with a super-thin polyurethane film on the inside facing part of the pant.

Many three-layered garments are not very breathable, and therefore, we offer you the most comfortable hiking waterproof pants which can stick up with you throughout your sweats. These are not heavy like others and can provide you proper protection as well.

2.5 layered fabric

A 2.5 layered design looks very similar to three-layered design fabric. The only exception is that these are slightly lighter than them. However, these plants also have the outer most face fabric treated with DWR, which minimizes the absorption of water on the outside. And there’s also some kind of middle waterproof fabric made up of eVent, Gore tax, etc.

The only reason why three-layered fabrics are different than 2.5 layered fabrics is that these have a fragile membrane of thin polyurethane lamination. This coating is located on the insides of the garment, which protects the layer from getting sweat or any other oils that can possibly clog the waterproof membrane pores.

2 layer fabrics

In the inside area of two-layered rainwear, there is one another separate layer. But in two-layered fabrics, there appear to be two different layers. They are mostly inner loose mesh bodies hanging far from the outer skin giving a waterproof face/layer fabric combination. Regardless of mesh, they serve the same purpose of helping the clothing from getting wet.


Whether it is the rainy season and adventure or a sunny day trip, waterproof pants are always the safest option to fight any circumstances. So don’t hesitate to invest in a good quality waterproof pant as it can sure long-lasting protection for your upcoming adventurous.

It can be tricky for you to go on rainy trips in your regular trousers. So look for particularly waterproof or rain pants as they can be a blessing in unfavorable conditions. Click on the links above and get yourself some good pairs of hiking and mountain waterproof pants.


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